19th November 2016


8th November 2016

I taught a workshop at Bath Spa University as part of the 3rd year module called Professional Development Planning. I taught a short warm up, some phrases incorporating highly technical elements, intricate floor work and playing with balancing and falling. Next I gave them 2 creative tasks, and what an incredible response in within a mere one hour and 50 minutes!! Thoroughly enjoyed my day and looking forward to watching the third year’s performance ‘RISE’ on the 3rd December…until next time!

29th October 2016

Behind the scenes at Brighton Lace

24th October 2016

Screen Shot 2016-10-24 at 14.42.58.png
On BBC Radio Cymru chatting to Shan Cothi about the new dance programme ‘MOM’ starting Monday 31st October

September 22nd-October 1st

Dancing in Sheffield, Glasgow, Dublin and the London 02 in Andrea Bocelli’s World tour was an absolute privilege! ‘Vieni’, ‘Be My Love’ and ‘Amor Vida de Mi Vida’ were choreographed by Catarina Carvalho and danced alongside Travis Clausen Knight.

August 23rd 2016

‘Marie Marry Me’s shoot has now been featured in wedding blogs around the world


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